Ayk's Consulting Services: Technology Commercialization & Scientific Research,


Official Partner of 2nd,
3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Annual World Business and
Executive Coach
Summit (2012-2018)


Cooperation with IPRC .

Асcomplished TCAP Project, closed on 25 December 2015, the developed frame is incorporated into Ayk's Services frame.

Welcome to Ayk's Consulting Services, FNRG and RTCP:

Major activities:

  • Techn. Comm. & Competitive Product Development
  • Techn. & Business Transfer, Scaling
  • Investments Facilitation Worldwide
  • Sci. R&D in Fields of Natural & Technical Sciences

    • 1/f noise studies (FNRG  - Fluctuations & Noise Research Gateway Proprietorship (d/b/a)) aims to explicate for collaborative  & research purposes 1/f noise studies of Mr. Hayk V. Asriyan. 

    FNRG is also aimed at networking scientific research activates related with 1/f noise in "non-equilibrium" semiconductor systems.

        • RTCP (Research and Technology Commercialization Portal) is a Technology Commercialization research academic portal initiated by Mr. Hayk V. Asriyan to propel the Art in Armenian Society.

        RTCP is also a resource for conducting Collaborative Academic Research in the field of Technology Commercialization.

        Web page is established in 2008

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