Fluctuations & 1/f Noise
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Gateway's Legal Status

FNRG - Fluctuations & Noise Research Gateway Proprietorship (d/b/a) is a title assigned by Mr. Hayk V. Asriyan to a segment of scientific activities in 1/f noise studies of Hayk V. Asriyan Proprietorship registered and validly existing under the Laws of the Russian Federation, having legal permit in Moscow city, Russian Federation to conduct "Scientific Research and Developments in Field of Natural & Technical Sciences"; the legal permit is an item of array of legally registered and validly existing economic activities of the legal entity (legal identifications are available upon request).  

Mr. Hayk V. Asriyan is a former Research Scientist of R&D Center of Semiconductor Devices & Nanotechnologies(CSD&N) 
of Dept. of Physics of Semiconductors & Microelectronics (DPS&M), Yerevan State University (YSU), Armenia; after moving for business doing in Technology Commercialization to the Russian Federation in 2012 the topical research successfully continues.