Ayk's Consulting Services: Technology Commercialization & Scientific Research

Ayk's Consulting Services (SP): Technology Commercialization & Scientific Research

Ayk's Consulting Services frames Innovations and Technology Commercialization Consulting business activities that  Mr. Hayk V. Asriyan as expert on Innovation and Commercialization issues (please request profile) in cooperation with his Partners worldwide provides to

  • Business Teams, Startups, - R & D. Co.-nies,
  • Venture Co.-nies/Funds, Corporate Structures, 
  • Sci. Res. Groups, Universities,
  • Institutions of Innovation Ecosystem.

Major activities:

  • Technology Commercialization & Competitive Product Development
  • Technology & Business Transfer, Scaling
  • Investments Facilitation Worldwide
  • Scientific Research and Developments in Fields of Natural & Technical Sciences

A. Ayk's General Consulting Services Frame

Ayk's Consulting Services
  • Assists in development of Technology Commercialization Plan and Strategy of Commercialization.


  •  Assists R&D Groups and R&D Companies during  R&D Projects realization targeted at Competitive Products/Results Development.


  • Assists in activities targeted at development of "Evaluation of the Commercial Potential of the Product" report. 

  • Assists in drafting Business Proposal (precursor of the Business Plan).

  • Provides service assistance to Scientific Research Groups and Research & Development Companies during all stages of research results and technology commercialization.

  • Assists in attracting domestic and foreign investments and venture capital for propelling R&D activities. 

  • Provides diversified service assistance during realization of various R&D Projects (including coaching, coordination and international cooperation).

  • Provides service assistance to Scientific Projects and Research & Development Companies in aspects of commercialization and promotion.

  • Assists to Scientific Research Groups and Research & Development Companies in writing drafts of General  R&D Project Proposals and Commercial R&D Project Proposals.

  • Links commercially perspective R&D ideas with scientific groups and companies able to challenge them.

  • Couches commercially perspective R&D Projects from idea to final product/innovation.

More information including the Service Owner's Professional Profile is available upon request.

B. Coaching & Consulting Services for Skolkovo Members

More details are available upon request. 

Informational Note, 24 October 2014:

Информационная заметка, 24 октября 2014 года:

Eng: For Skolkovo Members

Rus: Для Участников Сколково


C. Ayk's TCAP Services

Click (e-mail) to request additional (online dynamic form will be available by end of 2017) Ayk's Technology Commercialization Assistance Project's Services (Ayk's TCAP Services).

The services frame is developed under already accomplished TCAP Project in collaboration with Intellectual Property Rights Center Foundation (IPRC), www.ipr-center.org).

Ayk's TCAP Services provides service assistance to local scientists, entrepreneurs and inventors at early stages of technology commercialization. In particular, Ayk's TCAP Services aim to push products, technologies and scientific results of local scientists, entrepreneurs and inventors along most effective paths of commercialization providing special, diversified service assistance, helping to boost R&D activities of Ayk's TCAP Services beneficiaries.